Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions regulate the customer order at PhatCatCouch (Pty) Ltd trading as ‘PhatCatCouch’.

  1. While we are committed to deliver on time, the actual delivery date is subject to prevailing circumstances and may be subject to variation.
  2. You must pay a deposit of 50% of the purchase price (total amount on the quotation) when you accept a quote.
  3. If you have paid part of the deposit, we can accept that you have accepted the quote and will pay the full deposit.
  4. All amounts you owe us must be made to us without deduction or set-off.  All payments must be made to the bank account advised by PhatCatCouch.
  5. If after 30 days of notification by PhatCatCouch that your goods are ready for delivery, you as the customer fail to make final payment, PhatCatCouch reserves the right to sell them to defray expenses.
  6. Orders placed are irrevocable once a deposit has been paid. In the event of PhatCatCouch agreeing to refund monies paid either prior to or post-delivery due to circumstances unrelated to product quality and If PhatCatCouch agrees to accept return of any goods, the Customer will be liable for a 30% handling charge calculated on the purchase price of those goods. The onus of proof of return and proof of purchase rests with the customer at all times.
  7. Sale items are sold ‘voetstoets’ and cannot be exchanged or returned.
  8. For collection of goods from PhatCatCouch, prior arrangement and acknowledgement is essential before such collection.
  9. Delivery and / or collection of goods is seen as an additional service provided by PhatCatCouch and we reserve the right to charge for any additional delivery and / or collection required by you.
  10. PhatCatCouch furnishes with its goods, its standard guarantees only and no other guarantees, warranties or representations of whatsoever nature will be made to the Customer by PhatCatCouch in respect of such goods.
  11. Special Order Goods are made to your exact specifications and you are not allowed to return them in terms of the CPA 68 of 2008.
  12. Your right to cancel an advance order in terms of S17 and the provisions of overselling and overbooking in terms of S47 of the Consumer Protection Act do not apply to Special Order Goods and you may not cancel this Agreement other than when there is materially breach this Agreement.
  13. Payments made by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) require a 48 hour period to clear funds and allocate them to the orders.
  14. PhatCatCouch does not accept payment by cheque due to the high risk of fraud.
  15. We are not responsible for any damages to the Goods caused by:
      • regular wear and tear to the Goods;
      • your moving around of the Goods;
      • negligence, mishandling, disassembling or alteration of the Goods
      • there are no guarantees offered on fabrics supplied.
  16. Ownership of the goods will rest with PhatCatCouch until payment has been received in full. Payment of the full value of the order is required before PhatCatCouch will delivery or before we can authorise collection.